Lantern Rescue

Lantern Rescue Counter Human Trafficking Training

Operation Light Shine has partnered with Lantern Rescue to combat Human Trafficking Internationally. Our support for their mission helps them to expand into new regions as their Counter Human Trafficking Task Force grows.

Lantern Rescue is a US Based, Non-Profit
Organization that Counters Human Trafficking Internationally. Through previous
military and law enforcement experience,
Lantern's Operations Team uses a five step process to train specialized units inside host nations and assist them in the discovery and rescue of those victimized by Human Trafficking.

Prepare the Task Force
Pursue the Trafficker
Rescue the Victim
Advocate for the Rescued

Building a network of teams in each region that incorporates trained rescue operators, connections, prosecution of traffickers, and victim care specialists, makes an impact on lasting change.

With an army of predators, traffickers, and loopholes, Lantern Rescue believes the only way to victory is establishing an army of those willing to fight for justice.

Lantern Rescue is currently in 5 Regions with over 117 Task Force Members. Their teams have played a role in the rescue of over 600 victims, with an average of one victim rescued and one trafficker rested every single day.