Meet the Operation Light Shine Team



Matthew Murphy is a Green Beret in the US Army, Special Forces Sniper, Special Operations Terminal Attack Controller, Communications Specialist, Foreign Weapons Expert, Unconventional Warfare Expert, and speaks Arabic in the Levantine and Modern Standard dialects. He is a veteran of wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and has lived and worked all over Europe and the Middle East since the age of 23.

Matthew is also the Founder and President of Operation Light Shine, our non-profit charity headquartered in Nashville, TN, whose mission is to combat human trafficking and child exploitaion. He is a native of Memphis, TN and current resident of Nashville, TN. He has two daughters who inspire him to live a life of service to his country and community so that they will be able to grow up free and chase their dreams in the same America that he grew up in.

Matthew’s family has been affected by Human Trafficking with the loss of his sister Sarah. In November 2019, Sarah was murdered by sex traffickers.  Missing for almost two months, her body was discovered in a river by hunters on Christmas Eve 2019. Since Sarah’s death, Matt has refocused his efforts to shine a light on yet another evil in the world, the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children.



Jonathan Caldwell is the Vice President of Operation Light Shine. He is also the CEO of Black Tie Moving, a Inc. 500 Company and the fastest growing privately owned Moving and relocation company in the country. He has not always been in the moving industry. He was an accomplished motivational speaker, police officer, and personal protection specialist in the states as well as overseas. In his lengthy Law Enforcement career, he has served as a K9 officer, a Designated Marksman, and other roles on multiple tactical units. He also served in an undercover capacity on a violent felony fugitive task force and the Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Unit at his Department.

Jonathan or “JC” as he is known by friends and family, has spoken in 40 of the 50 states and a dozen counties around the world, in a format of, one on one coaching to crowds of over 15,000. He has been featured on Fox and Friends morning show, Good Morning America, Americas Got Talent, and countless other regional programs and nationally syndicated radio broadcasts. His excellent ability to communicate has held the attention of audiences everywhere from Elementary school students to Heads of State, Military Commanders, and CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies. He is well educated, holding 2 Bachelor’s Degrees, one in Theology and one in Business. He also has an exhaustive list of certifications and 1000’s of hours of Training and Operational experience. His extensive experiential knowledge of what it takes to operate under extreme conditions both in the business world and on the street is what makes him who he is today.  This has made him a sought-after speaker and coach. He brings a very applicable and real word approach in his message of how to “Live Life Tactically…” by having balance in all areas of your life.

However, if you ask him his greatest accomplishment, he will say that it is not found in the list of influencers he calls friends, or the multiple awards and commendations he has received as an officer and business executive. Rather, it would be in his Role as a Husband, father, leader in his industry, and constant learner in his faith. It is in all these areas that he practices every day the principals that he teaches others.

CFO & Treasurer


Byron Wolfe is the CFO of Operation Light Shine. As an actively licensed CPA, he founded and oversees CFOAF, a financial and accounting consultant firm for small to mid-cap businesses. He is also the CFO of Black Tie Moving, a Inc. 500 Company and the fastest growing privately owned moving and relocation company in the country. 

Byron’s ability to break down complex tax laws and implications, required structures and partnership arrangements into easily understood communication makes him a highly sought out financial and business structure consultant.  He has leveraged his expertise to become a partner in ten companies across multiple industries as of 2022.

Byron splits his time between Nashville, TN and Phoenix, AZ and is an avid motorcyclist. He has been married to his best friend for twelve years and they have three sons.  Byron joined Operation Light Shine to maximize the impact of every dollar so that the team can focus on the real work of the charity.



Born and raised in Montana, Dawn Ann split time between the Beartooth Mountains of Montana and Littleton, Colorado where she graduated from Columbine High School. With sites on traveling the world as a high fashion model, Dawn Ann moved to NYC and signed with FORD Models, the top agency in the world.

Modeling led her to Japan, Italy, France, Germany, London, and Greece, where she became proficient in several languages.

Her image has graced countless magazines, catalogues, advertisements, and music videos. She studied acting at the NY Institute of Arts leading her to more significant roles in TV, FIlm, and voiceovers.

She is an accomplished martial artist. With a Blue Belt in Arashi-Ryu Karate and some Kung Fu training. She had her own Pilates Studio in Los angeles, Ca.until she and her husband bought a ranch and moved to  Montana with their daughter.  She then decided to open a boutique , design and start her own clothing brand: Moo Country.

While living the ranch life, she became a member of the Red Lodge Fire Dept. as a certified EMT, and eventually added Search & Rescue to her credentials.

She now resides in Franklin, TN; has opened a second store: and has joined the board of Operation Light Shine with the mission to effectively “make a bigger difference” in the fight against human trafficking and child exploitation.



Prior to entrepreneurship Luke gained experience in the Professional Coaching/Leadership industry with the Flippen Group and an additional 2 years in the oil sector with Chesapeake Energy, a US leading producer of oil and natural gas. Prior to his time in the oil industry Luke spent 5 years in the United States Army leaving active duty as a Captain in 2012. His time in the military was spent in several different organizations and leadership cultures including units within the 101st Airborne Division and Division West First Army. He spent the last two years of his military time working with senior military leaders across the country in US Army Reserve Commands and multiple National Guard units developing unique deployment plans and training programs to fit the US Army’s rapidly evolving mission. Now Luke owns a moving company and is a partner in a commercial real estate firm out of Nashville TN.

It is Luke’s personal mission to spend everyday making a positive, purposeful, impact on all the relationships and interactions in his sphere of influence.



Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Brando Eaton spent most of his early years pursuing his career as an actor in Hollywood. He kept up with his passion for philosophy, though, which paved the way for him to speak at many events and charities, throw his own events to teach kids at surrounding schools different life skills and self-help lessons, and eventually he got into speech writing and speaking for political campaigns — including the 2016 presidential elections. Now Brando Eaton resides in Nashville, TN where he is part of a military technology company and a tactical training company, and sits proudly on the board of Operation Light Shine to do anything he can to help save innocent lives.



Landon Starbuck is a freedom warrior, from advocating for individual rights to helping trafficked and exploited children and women. She’s a national activist, speaker and writer regularly appearing on news networks. Her calling to defend children began when she left the music industry having been a successful Billboard charting singer/songwriter with hit music videos on MTV. She decided she could no longer be a part of the mainstream entertainment world after witnessing the rampant exploitation that takes place. She felt compelled to expose the exploitation within that industry which led her to uncover the epidemic of trafficking that happens not just in Hollywood but in our own backyard. She continued to make music as an independent artist donating 100% of her music sales to organizations fighting trafficking and exploitation. Her music opened up bigger conversations nationally as she became an outspoken, respected voice in the counter-exploitation movement. In 2021, she was invited to be a featured speaker at The Coalition To End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit. In addition to serving on the board of Operation Lightshine in Tennessee, she serves on the Advisory Council for Lynn’s Warriors in New York and as an Ambassador for ExitUs in Utah. She’s a partner with The National Center On Sexual Exploitation and a member of The Coalition To End Sexual Exploitation. In 2021 she directed the largest coalition rally & march at our southern border to expose the child trafficking & exploitation happening there. Tucker Carlson(FOX), Breitbart, OAN and more have covered her work as Landon mobilizes activists across the country with her authentic style and fearless leadership. Currently, she’s the founder and CEO of Freedom Forever; a non profit organization dedicated to protecting children and preserving freedom for ALL. Her activist organization works to combat child trafficking and exploitation with a focus on demand reduction, education and survivor informed policy advocacy. Outside of her work, Landon loves being a wife to her husband Robby and Mother to her 3 miracle children at home in Tennessee.