The National Child Protection Task Force dreams of a world where children wake up and experience childhood, feel safe wherever they are, and look forward to tomorrow. We do this by assisting law enforcement in investigations pertaining to missing and exploited persons that others deem hopeless. NCPTF gathers talented minds across the globe and welds them with years of investigative experience to provide expertise and resources that are unavailable or under-funded in most law enforcement organizations. With our knowledge, determination, and passion, we assist law enforcement, nationally and internationally, identify and locate children who would otherwise be left to languish at the hands of predators.

Pathfinder Labs is a privately-owned company located in Auckland, New Zealand producing investigative and intelligence platforms focusing on Technology Facilitated Child Exploitation and Counter Terrorism. Pathfinder labs was launched by experienced investigators who are internationally recognized for creative and unique solutions in both investigative systems and software development. The ethos of Pathfinder Labs is driven by the need to create solutions which harmonies the requirements of investigators and the desired outcomes of operations. Members of Pathfinder Labs have extensive experience in online covert investigations, large scale operations to identify and rescue victims and identify and apprehend offenders, victim identification, and multi-source intelligence analysis. This experience has led to the development of unique resources by Pathfinder Labs ranging from training courses to enterprise eco-systems of tools. Built by investigators for investigators.

FILTER First has had the amazing opportunity to partner with Operation Light Shine to develop the safety portion of our curriculum. Operation Light Shine works every day to fight human trafficking and child exploitation, and part of that mission involves prevention through education. Together, we have worked to create content designed for the classroom, that meets students where they are and will empower them with the tools and knowledge they need to stay safe while interacting online and fight the online exploitation of children by stopping it before it ever starts.

Lantern Rescue is a US based nonprofit organization that combats human trafficking internationally. Our mission is to prepare the task force, pursue the trafficker, rescue the victim and advocate for the rescued. We accomplish this through our Counter Human Trafficking Joint Task Force and strategic partnerships with host nations.

The Tim Tebow Foundation is committed to engaging in the global fight against human trafficking and supporting the rescue and restoration of those who have been trafficked or who are at risk of becoming victims. They are accomplishing this goal in three primary ways – proactively, reactively, and relationally.

Child Rescue Coalition – CRC – supplies technology to law enforcement worldwide. CRC Technology allows investigators to identify and arrest criminals trading child sexual abuse material and to rescue children from abuse. CRC works in collaboration with INTERCEPT to train new officers and embed their technology into the task force environment.

CAP is a revolutionary new collaborative initiative that focuses on reaching children engaged in high-risk sexual activities /communications and/or who have been targeted sexually by adults online. For children at risk for sex trafficking or other forms of child sexual abuse CAP provides advocacy, resources and support. CAP provides professional one on one mentorship to children and families identified in sex trafficking and internet/electronics related crimes against children investigations. Recently Crisis Aid and Operation Light Shine/INTERCEPT have begun a strong collaborative partnership sharing resource information and contacts as well as highlighting both organizations and the critical work they do to protect children from predators. Crisis Aid is hopeful that our collaborations will ultimately lead to future collaborations intersecting services provided by Operation Light Shine / INTERCEPT and CAP.