Teach your child the facts of abduction early; talk to them once a month about safety rules and be sure to speak calmly so that they are not frightened.

DID YOU KNOW  Parental abductions occur most frequently as relationships end and custody becomes an issue. The most prevalent quality in families that experience abduction is domestic violence.The motivating factor of the parental abductor is revenge and rarely involves the consideration and welfare of the victim child. Remember when investigating a parental abduction case that a child may be a great risk with their own parent.


Your child, maintain current dental records and photos. Children under 7 years old should be photographed twice a year; and once a year for children over 7 years old.


Should be in the possession of the custodial parent only.


Your child their full name, address, and phone numbers (include area codes and long distance dialing information). Post emergency numbers near the phone, show your child how to dial 911 and what to say if they are lost or have an emergency.


On your children’s clothing, lunchbox, backpack, etc. Strangers should never be able to call your child by name.


References of daycare facilities, preschools or babysitters. Make sure they will not release your child to anyone without your permission. If you have a custody order or a restraining order, give a copy to your child’s school or child care provider along with a photo of any person (s) who are not allowed to pick up your child.


Babysitters and children not to open the door for strangers or give any information over the phone. Tell them to always say you are home, but are unable to come to the phone.


Your child what to do if they are threatened by a stranger and to report any suspicious incidents to you. Remind them to never get near a car of a stranger asking for directions or help them look for a lost pet.


Leave children unattended in a car, not even for a minute. Be careful not to expose your children to co-workers, a relative’s friend, or a neighbor; these people are strangers and should never be left alone with your child—they could have a history of hurting children.THE


Should be encouraged if your child is old enough to be out on his/her own, tell them to avoid empty lots, alleys, and parks. Parents should know their child’s route to and from school and have him/her check in with you at a specified time if you will not be home after school.


Go to your local police station, nearest your home, and file a police report, immediately! Ask that all of your child’s and abductor’s information be entered into the National Crime Information Computer System; a parentally abducted child is considered a missing child!


  • National Human Trafficking Hotline:
    • 1-888-373-7888
    • Or text HELP to 233733 (BeFree)
  • Find the Children for help and other resources:
    • 888-477-6721

Terms and Definitions

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

An umbrella term, generally encompassing sexual crimes against children where the primary motivation is sexual in nature and not commercial.  CSE is form of child sexual abuse where another person uses any combination of physical or emotional coercion or enticement to sexually abuse or exploit the child.  CSE can occur in person or remotely online or any combination of both.  CSE can take many forms including:

Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)

CSAM is the Production, Distribution, and/or Possession of visual depictions of a child or of children being sexually assaulted or exploited (actual or simulated).  It is considered CSAM if a child is depicted in a lewd or lascivious display of the genitalia whether the offender is in-person or remote.

Online Enticement & Coercion, also referred to as Sextortion is a form of CSAM where an offender remotely entices/coerces a minor to engage in sexual conduct and the offender records that conduct and then utilizes the threat of release or distribution of the material to extort the minor into engaging in more egregious conduct.  The CSAM produced by the offender or at the request of the offender is often then distributed by the offender to other offenders or posted in Darknet forums.

Traveling Child Sex Offense (TCSO)

A TCSO occurs when a person travels across an interstate or international boundary to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor.  A TCSO is an in-person offense.  A TCSO is CSE when the arrangement is not commercial, or a commercial act cannot or is difficult to prove.  A TCSO can be Child Sex Trafficking if a commercial act is transacted for the sexual act.

Live Streaming Sexual Exploitation (LSSE)

LSSE occurs when an offender with access to minor children sexually exploits them live on camera for an offender remotely.  If the arrangement involves a commercial transaction this becomes a form of Child Sex Trafficking.

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